How to Process Fully (and not get stuck)

How have you been feeling recently?   I know for many people, there’s a lot going on right now; whether it’s personally, in your community, or in the world.   And when there’s a lot going on, it can be… read more

How to Overcome Resistance and Let Yourself Grow

  Looking back, you may notice a pattern that when you’re about to have a transformative, life-changing experience… a lot of resistance comes up.   Even when you KNOW you’re doing the right thing, that you’ve chosen something you need,… read more

Tapping for Relaxation

When you’re stressed out, your nervous system jumps into high gear.   Your sympathetic nervous system preps your body for “fight/flight/ freeze” mode, and your healing, repair, and digestive projects get put on hold until the problem goes away.  … read more

How to Take Deeper Breaths

Today’s meditation will lead you through how to take deeper breaths.   Ideally, when you breathe in and out, your entire body wants to gently expand, flow, and release and relax with the breath. Stress, habits of posture, and the… read more

How to Access Your Intuition (Third Eye Chakra Meditation)

What’s your relationship with your intuition? I feel like it’s common to have moments of shining clarity and insight… …and then also moments of self-doubt and confusion. Or, to have total easy access to insights about some things…. …but constant difficulty… read more

How to feel less fearful and more peaceful

Today’s meditation will help you release any patterns of fear that are stuck in your body.   When in balance, fear can help keep you safe by alerting you to danger and helping you move out of the way.     But, when… read more

How to Stay Balanced Over the Holidays

  As we gear up for this often busy season, I thought I’d pass along some of my personal strategies to help you stay balanced over the holidays.    Whether you LOVE the holidays or find them a bit stressful, it’s typically… read more

How to create healthy boundaries (with ease)

Last week, we talked about the best way to feel vibrant and light this season. We went over how focusing on habits or diet alone can’t get at the underlying reasons we feel a bit heavy and bogged down this time… read more

How to Reset your Relationship to Sugar with Ease (+ Special Offer!)

In the Spring, I always feel called to do a bit of a cleanse… All of a sudden I feel a bit sluggish and bogged down, and my skin starts to feel kind of hot. This lines up with it being… read more

Mindfulness Meditation: what difference can a minute make?

In the northern hemisphere we’re heading into late summer, and the season’s beginning to change… The quality of this time of year is stillness… the quiet moment before taking the next step, the pause between an inhale and exhale. In… read more