How to feel less fearful and more peaceful

Today’s meditation will help you release any patterns of fear that are stuck in your body.


When in balance, fear can help keep you safe by alerting you to danger and helping you move out of the way.



But, when you have experiences that create stress or fear, these patterns can get stuck and make your body more reactive, even when you’re 100% safe.


Today’s meditation will help your body remember that you are safe, so that your systems can relax and you can feel less fear and experience more peace.


This will also help your parasympathetic nervous system take over so your body can focus on rest, healing and repair instead of being stuck in fight or flight mode.


The meditation will lead you through…

…letting go of fear that’s stuck in your body

…relaxing your adrenal glands and nervous system

..releasing beliefs that keep you stuck in fear patterns


This feels like a big one, so be sure to create some space for yourself (maybe close other windows, or just take a moment to center yourself), and then take deep breaths and tap along! XOX

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