How to create healthy boundaries (with ease)

Last week, we talked about the best way to feel vibrant and light this season.

We went over how focusing on habits or diet alone can’t get at the underlying reasons we feel a bit heavy and bogged down this time of year, and that supporting your body’s innate ability to detox itself is the best way to feel deeply cleansed.

And I mentioned that the Liver is a huge part of this process.

Another aspect of health that your Liver covers, is that it helps you create boundaries in your life.

create healthy boundaries

We all want to feel connected, and to treat others with compassion, but oddly enough the best way to do this is through having good boundaries.

When you have no boundaries, you say yes to too many things, spread yourself too thin, leave yourself vulnerable to too many people (and even things like changes in the weather!), and in the end you feel exhausted and resentful.

In an effort to be “nice” you end up drained, and eventually mad at those you were trying to be nice to!

Or, because you’re tired and spread-too-thin, you turn this resentment and anger inwards, judging yourself for being unable to be everything for everyone, and then you feel inadequate and upset with yourself.

When you create good boundaries, you can be fully present for people, and relate with real compassion and connection.

You can take care of yourself first, so you can truly be there for others with a full heart.

And your Liver helps you create these boundaries in a very literal way.

Your Liver constantly generates low levels of anger that play a vital role in your life. When in balance, this anger…

…generates your energetic boundaries/ protective energy

…alerts you to a violation of these boundaries

So, supporting your Liver in the Spring not only helps you detox deeply, but it also helps you be more compassionate to yourself and others, by creating and maintaining your boundaries.

Follow along with this BodyTalk tapping video to help you feel more connected and clear, through allowing balanced anger to create healthy boundaries for you.

First, we’ll clear out some fear we have around anger, and then we’ll do some breathing to help strengthen your protective energy.

You might notice that this meditation makes you feel more present and relaxed in your heart as well.

Now that you’ve focused on your energetic boundaries and balancing your anger, you’re primed to be more compassionate to yourself and others. Great work!

Of course, there’s more you can do if you want to deeply support your body this season: more than I can fit into blog posts.

At this point, there are some exciting areas to explore, like…

…How to expand your ability to use anger to support you, instead of letting it hurt you or others

…How to more fully activate your body’s internal detoxing systems to feel light and vibrant with ease

How to continue to strengthen your protective energy, so you aren’t overly affected by things like changes in the weather or other people’s emotions

…How to feel more connected to your deepest self, and relax into a sense of flow

If you’re interested in diving further into these issues, tomorrow I’ll announce an in-depth series that will help you connect with the most vibrant, healthy, and in-tune version of yourself.

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