about me

HI!  I’m Amberlee, and I’m so happy you’re here : )

My goal is to help you restore balance to your body and mind so you can live your life fully, and get to your next level of health and wellbeing.about me

How I got started (and why my life wouldn’t be the same without BodyTalk):

I was introduced to BodyTalk when I was 14, growing up in Miami. This was a very difficult time for me. After many years of instability in my home life, my mom was diagnosed with a serious bone marrow cancer. It felt like everything was falling apart.

Post-diagnosis, my mom started going to a BodyTalk practitioner to help with her healing process. She liked it so much she made an appointment for me.


I’ll always remember my first session because of how upset I was about going.

I’d never heard of BodyTalk, and I wasn’t interested in trying something new. I’d always considered myself a logical and skeptical person, and I didn’t think I’d like whatever was going to happen. I was resentful about having to go at all.

To my great surprise, I left the session feeling happy and serene. 

This drastic change in mood and the peace I felt when I left stayed with me from that moment forward.

BodyTalk soon became my primary form of health care. Whether it was colds, earaches, stomach problems, or the general tumult of being a teenager, BodyTalk always helped me resolve my issues quickly and painlessly.

Apart from the physical, and mental benefits, though, the real transformation was that it helped me reconnect with a sense of peace that was missing in my life. I was stuck in despair, grief, and anger, and BodyTalk helped me get in touch with a deep part of myself that I’d felt disconnected from, without even knowing it.

At the time, it just felt good, like a break from the storm, a moment to breathe.

I came to rely on it for whatever life threw my way.

It took years to realize that finding BodyTalk fundamentally shaped my life and gave me access to the inner tools and resources I need to navigate the world with clarity and ease.  It’s helped me move forward without the weight of the past so I can build a life that I love.

It’s so much more than a healthcare system.

about me

These experiences, as well as witnessing my mom’s healing process (she’s been in remission for many years! yay!), inspired me to become an Advanced BodyTalk practitioner. I’ve been practicing since 2010.

What does Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner mean?

This means I’ve taken all of the Advanced coursework in BodyTalk and Anatomy and Physiology and passed the written and practical exams needed to be certified by the International BodyTalk Association as an Advanced Practitioner.

I’ve also done specialized coursework in Epigenetics- a very exciting field that allows me to work with environmental and genetic impacts on the way your DNA expresses itself in your body.

Since beginning my practice, I’ve had the honor of working with people to gently overcome physical ailments like back pains, injuries, allergies, and menstrual irregularities, as well as mental/emotional distress like anxiety, depression, imbalanced anger, and a general desire for a deeper connection with self.

Having received BodyTalk for so many years, I’m now excited and grateful to be able to share this transformative experience with others.

How I can help:

I practice BodyTalk in person and at a distance.

Your body talks to you through physical and emotional symptoms.

BodyTalk is a simple, powerful way to discover and transform what lies at the core of these symptoms. It combines insights from traditional healing methods (such as TCM and Ayurveda) with modern science to gently tap into your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Pain, indigestion, anxiety, and depression, for example, are all surface-level manifestations of deeper imbalances. BodyTalk lets me communicate directly with your systems to discover your unique situation and help set your innate healing mechanisms in motion.

You can learn more about BodyTalk here.

If you’re…

…feeling stuck, and you want to be able to take the next step in life

…willing to believe there’s a connection between your body and your mind

…ready to be healthy and happy, but don’t necessarily want to change your whole lifestyle to get there

…doing what you can to take care of yourself, but have a feeling there’s something deeper that needs to shift

BodyTalk might be a great fit for you.

What’s next?

If you’re interested in seeing what BodyTalk can do for you, click here to learn more about one-on-one sessions

I look forward to getting to know you!