Throat Chakra Meditation

Today, we’re focusing on your throat chakra! 

throat chakra meditation


Your throat chakra is impacted by how comfortable you feel expressing yourself, speaking up, and speaking from the heart. It’s also closely associated with your thyroid health.


Any beliefs or experiences we have that keep us from freely expressing ourselves, or beliefs about how we “should” behave or express ourselves, impact the throat chakra.

throat chakra meditation

If you ever feel any restriction in this chakra, in self-expression, or discomfort in your physical throat, this meditation will help you feel more relaxed, balanced and clear.


In short, today’s throat chakra meditation will lead you through sequences to help you:

  • Release fear around speaking up
  • Clear blocks in your throat chakra
  • Feel comfortable expressing from your heart


Tap and follow along with this throat chakra meditation to experience greater balance and ease : )

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