Hi! Here’s where I keep the tools and techniques I find most deeply helpful. I especially recommend learning #1, the cortices technique


#1. Cortices!

balance the brain hemispheresThis is one of the most important BodyTalk techniques! Learn it today!  I do it on myself at least once a day.

It’s an amazing tool to have in your kit for de-stressing, overall health, and focus.


2. Feel Emotion in YOUR Body

You may already khow emotions affect your bodynow that your emotional health affects your physical health, but when was the last time you really FELT that?

This exercise leads you to gently explore the effects of emotion on your body.

#3. Breathe tension away…

This breathiP1040701ng exercise has been a valuable tool for me from the moment I learned it.

Use your breath to break habits of tension in the body, and improve posture, circulation, and overall health.

Guide to using the breath to release chronic tension



4. Stay hydrated…

Help your skin, hlight and waterair, digestion, and all your cells by drinking more water.

This post has tips to drink more water AND how to get the most out of the water you drink.

water water everywhere