Tapping for Relaxation

When you’re stressed out, your nervous system jumps into high gear.


Your sympathetic nervous system preps your body for “fight/flight/ freeze” mode, and your healing, repair, and digestive projects get put on hold until the problem goes away.


tapping for relaxation


This was really helpful when our top threats were predators and other dire and life-threatening situations.


Unfortunately, it’s not as great for the typical modern lifestyle, that involves chronic mental stress.


For this kind of stress, our hard-wired response of fight or flight is not actually beneficial. Since the problem (deadlines, traffic, social pressure) never really goes away, our levels of stress hormones stay constantly elevated.


And chronic stress can lead to a whole host of health issues, overall discomfort and tissue degeneration.


SO! Let’s help your nervous system switch out of this chronic stress mode so you can feel deeply relaxed. 


Today’s exercise will allow you do this by leading you through a way to…

…let go of chronic fear/ stress

…balance your nervous system

…dial up your “rest and healing” parasympathetic neural networks


So that your body can get back to rest, relaxation, digestion and repair.

The video will take you through some BodyTalk tapping for relaxation so you can leave the stress behind, and dive into a new sense of deep calm.


If you notice any resistance as you go through the meditation, just keep taking deep breaths : )


Let me know how it goes!


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