Solar Plexus Chakra: Step into your power

The third chakra, or solar plexus chakra, is located just below where the ribs come together, and just above the belly button.

It represents our ability to engage with our own power, and to make positive choices. 

Solar Plexus Chakra

It’s what helps us turn our ideas into reality and create what we want out of life. 

An unbalanced solar plexus chakra would be mirrored on the emotional level with indecisiveness, anxiety, and poor self esteem, as well as feeling helpless or stuck.

On the physical level, issues with the solar plexus chakra show up as problems in the digestive organs such as ulcers, indigestion, blood sugar fluctuations, acid reflux, constipation, and irritable bowel. These problems represent an inability to digest our lives, or the situations we see ourselves in.

Today I’m going to share three powerful ways to tone the solar plexus to soothe your digestion and get you in touch with your inner super hero!

1. Affirmations

Affirmations work to turn around the negative subconscious stories we tend to tell ourselves.  Though subtle, these inner stories affect everything we do.  If you choose one or two of the following affirmations and repeat them to yourself 5-10 times a day, it’ll do wonders for what you believe yourself capable of. This, in turn, will do wonders for what you ARE capable of.

Even just reading through each one before moving on to step 2. will be helpful : ) 

I am confidant in all that I do.

yellow flower

I make choices the benefit me.

I accept my ability to bring  health, love and joy into my life.

I honor myself and treat myself with respect.

I am confidant that I know what’s in my best interest.

I deserve a wonderful life.

I stand up for myself.

I accept responsibility for all of my decisions.

I choose health, healing and happiness.

I express myself in a powerful way.

I act with courage and strength.

I choose what’s best for me.

(flower photo credit: Valter Jacinto | Portugal via photopin cc)


2. Visualization+power phrase

(power phrase adapted from Rebecca owen’s work)

I’m excited to share this week’s chakra visualization with you because I’ve been playing with it all week to get it just right. As with all the visualizations I share with you, feel free to go with the flow of your imagination once you get started.

Begin by taking some deep breaths, filling the entire body, from your center up through your spine and down into your feet. 

As you relax into the rhythm of your breath, bring your awareness to the base of the spine. 

Imagine a cord lowering effortlessly from your body down into the ground.  It could be a few inches wide, or as thick as a tree trunk. 

See this cord lowering down deep into the earth, further and further, until it reaches the earth’s core.  Take a few breaths enjoying this connection. This will be your grounding cord, through which you can release any stagnant energy you find in the solar plexus.

third chakra visualization

Place a hand on the font of the body just below where your ribs come together, and another hand on the back of the body at the same height. Breathe deeply into the space between your hands and feel the area fill completely on inhale and release completely on exhale.

Begin to imagine a bright clear yellow light forming in the center of your upper abdomen, between your hands. Allow it to grow, and as it grows, allow it to begin to spin slowly. Continue to breathe deeply.

As the light grows, allow any uncomfortable feelings to drop down your grounding cord. Don’t try to understand them or grasp at them, just let them fall. Sink your awareness into the yellow light and search with your inner eye for any discolored areas in the upper abdomen, along the lower ribs.

Allow the bright, spinning yellow light to move out any sludge along the lower rib cage, dropping it down your grounding cord, into the earth, and dissolving any darkness in the stomach from the inside out. Move the hand from your back to your heart to invite the heart to help with this clearing.

As you feel your solar plexus chakra growing brighter and clearer, slowly repeat this powerful phrase to yourself as you breathe:”i dissolve and release the habit and pattern of using any of my power against myself. I ask for all the help I can get in using all of my power to support myself” and feel this new idea infusing your entire body.

Feel how much lighter your upper abdomen is, how much more freely your ribs move. continue breathing and brightening your yellow light until you feel complete.


3. Power poses!

Your posture powerfully influences your body and mind. The way you stand changes the way you think and feel.

A study done by by Harvard professor Amy Cuddy showed that standing in “powerful” positions for even just 2 minutes a day increases hormones associated with confidence and decreases levels of stress hormones.

SO, taking just 2 minutes a day to stand like you’re ready for anything will actually make you more confidant and powerful, and will give your solar plexus chakra room to shine.

Take a look at the comparison of postures below:

body-language-power-poses-amy cuddy, harvard


As you can see,  the poses that make you feel stronger and more confidant free up your solar plexus chakra and the ones that have the opposite effect cover and obscure the solar plexus.

So give it a try! Pick a pose that you like (you’ll see my preferred stance below), and stand that way for a little while each day. You could even add in your favorite affirmation to solidify the effect. This can be especially helpful if you have a meeting you’re nervous about or a job interview  : )


I hope you enjoy playing with these Solar Plexus chakra tools. They’re great to work with if you’re feeling low, or if your stomach is feeling off, or if you’re just in the mood to get in touch with your true super-hero self!

Me, casually striking a power-pose on a rock in yellowstone

Me, casually striking a power-pose on a rock in yellowstone

If you have any other great solar plexus chakra ideas, share them in the comments below!

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  1. Amber lee rose = I find your website to be very refreshing and full of ancient wisdoms that are easily digestible for the modern mind. May your “works” continue to touch those searching for healing and a better alternate (should be primary) lifestyle.

    I thought this stanza was TALKED directly to me..

    “As you feel your solar plexus chakra growing brighter and clearer, slowly repeat this powerful phrase to yourself as you breathe:”i dissolve and release the habit and pattern of using any of my power against myself. I ask for all the help I can get in using all of my power to support myself” and feel this new idea infusing your entire body.”

    Mahalo nui loa e ola e

    Mahina 2014

    • Mahina, thank you for your kind words and for the good work you do for men’s health. I’m so glad you enjoyed the website and that you found some resonance with this post. That phrase is a powerful one for me too : )

  2. Simple & Powerful information!
    I loved the powerful phrase you mentioned as well as power poses! wow wow, can feel the shifts 🙂

  3. Hi…. I love the way you write, it is clear that you are a beautiful, conscious being with true integrity. Thank you for this page. Have become aware that a slow sludgey solar plexus has been the reason for so much inactivity and lack f confidence. Your wise words have helped a lot.xxxAlice

  4. Thank you! These are powerful tools I will add to my toolbox!

  5. Good day

    Where can I get the 4 – 7 chakra information that is like the 1 – 3 chakra?


    • Hi Delea, thanks for dropping by : ) The other chakras can all be found on this link: And, if you use the search function on the homepage, you can explore some other chakra video meditations (I currently have videos for chakras 1-5 on the site and the next two are upcoming). Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you find.

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