Heal subconscious blocks to self love: guided meditation

When I first declared February a month of self-love, I thought it’d be a fun way to turn some of this season’s love-enthusiasm inwards, giving us an excuse to take extra good care of ourselves.

heart-195305_640And focusing on self-love is fun. But it can be hard too, because it bumps us up against old hurts and patterns that have us protecting our hearts and thinking less than the best of ourselves.

We all have experiences throughout our lives that lead us to believe, on a subconscious level, that we aren’t good enough as we are. At the very least, we hear from a young age that we’re “bad” if we do certain things, and that we have to “behave” in a certain way to get what we want and need.

And most of us also face rejection and disappointments that imprint us with a sense that who we are isn’t ok, and that we have to change ourselves to be acceptable. 

Luckily, this just isn’t true! And this week’s video helps you release subconscious blocks to self love, inviting you to step into the deep and unshakable truth of how totally perfect and lovable you are!

Spending some time with this short BodyTalk meditation will help you let go of old pain, and embrace your true, beautiful nature.  As an added bonus, focusing on self-love is also great for the immune system, blood pressure, and stress levels.

I hope you enjoy following along : )

Do you have any questions or anything to share? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.



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