Self-Love Guided Meditation


Self-Love is the foundation of good health.


When parts of us are turned against ourselves, all our efforts in life and healing have an extra hurdle to overcome.

self love guided meditation


When negative self-talk is constantly playing in the background, even on the subconscious level, feeling at peace and content is much more difficult.


Today’s self-love guided meditation will lead you through releasing a deep-seated self-sabotaging belief, and guide you through a simple exercise to transform your inner dialogue.


It will help you access your subconscious and become more mindful of your self-talk so you can more easily sink into self-love.


As you’ll see, when we focus on releasing belief systems, the process is to call the belief to conscious awareness so that your body (or inner wisdom/ innate healing mechanisms) can “see” it and let it go.


I invite you to notice how the negative belief feels less and less true each time you repeat it.


Have fun tapping along with this self-love guided meditation!


As a reminder, even though you can’t see the whole sequence, the tapping is on your head, heart, and belly : )



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