Root chakra healing: guided meditation

Tuning in to the root chakra is one of the fastest ways to feel grounded, safe, supported, and relaxed.

root chakra healing

In times of change, uncertainty, or upheaval, working with the root chakra is a great way to stay present, calm, and centered.

That’s why I made you this root chakra healing meditation. It takes you through imagery and tapping based in BodyTalk to help you let go of fear and feel safer and more settled in your body and in life.

I hope you enjoy following along!

Once you’ve spent some time with your root chakra, feel free to return to the image of your nice red root throughout the day. If you’re ever feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or fearful imagine the support of your root chakra keeping you connected to the energy of the earth, and relax into that connection.

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Hope you’re having a great day!

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