How to Release Old Pain from Your Heart

Today, I’m diving back into the summer theme of exploring our relationship with our own hearts.

Of course, we know that we want to operate from a space of being in our hearts. When we’re in our hearts, we feel more grounded, connected and present. We feel soft, mindful, peaceful, aligned and open.

release old pain


And we know that when we aren’t in the heart we just don’t feel that good. We feel lost, disconnected, discouraged, isolated, anxious, confused, and stuck.

We know that not being in the heart affects our decisions and that our relationships suffer.

So, if we know we feel more connected and calm when we’re in the heart, why don’t we do it all the time?

One reason, at least on a subconscious level, is that we’re afraid of being in the heart.

We’re not sure what we’ll find there, and experiences we’ve had throughout our lives have made us afraid of love.

Today’s guided meditation will help you let go of subconscious fears of love, specifically around giving and receiving love.

We’ll make the heart a safe-feeling, more comfortable place to reside, and make it easier to settle in to the peace of the heart.

Follow along to release old pain from your heart….



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  1. sharon marshall says:

    loved it! really liked bringing up the Root chakra to the heart.

  2. This is a wonderful practice. Thank you. When we first connected in with the heart, I felt strongly how the back is more congested than the front. Therefore, I felt the miracle that you immediately discussed such placement wisdoms.

    When we were tapping into to release the belief that it is safer to protect myself than to receive, I felt an old old wound show up and I was glad to know it is ready to release such a funny mistaken belief!

    I look forward to more heart wisdom!

    Peace and love,

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it Rita. Isn’t it interesting how these (sometimes subconscious) beliefs can create such a physical sensation? Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences. <3

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