How to Overcome Resistance and Let Yourself Grow


Looking back, you may notice a pattern that when you’re about to have a transformative, life-changing experience… a lot of resistance comes up.


Even when you KNOW you’re doing the right thing, that you’ve chosen something you need, this weird feeling pops up.


overcome resistance


It can be like a subtle sense of digging in your heels, of feeling a little anxious, of wanting to bail.


The good thing is… this is normal.


In fact, these feelings of resistance can be such a good indicator that what you’re about to do is deeply healing, that I’ve come to welcome this feeling as a sign I’m on the right track.


What it boils down to is the fear of change. We get so accustomed to how things are, that the idea of making a change can be scary–even when we know we need to change.


And ALL healing involves change–a change of a habit or pattern… the change of an inner imbalance. So, overcoming this fear of change can be instrumental in embracing true growth and healing.


Today’s meditation will lead you through a simple way to overcome resistance, release the fear of change and embrace transformative experiences.


This will help you…

…listen to your inner voice/ discern the difference between (normal) resistance and when it’s truly time to bail

…feel more relaxed in your body

…embrace change, growth, and healing


Have fun tapping along!



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  1. Rita Durant says:

    Thank you, lovely Amberlee. I present a Franklin Method workshop tomorrow, so this session was a timely gift. Hugs Rjta

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