Mindfulness Meditation: Return to Stillness


Have you ever tried to get quiet and settled, maybe for meditation, yoga, or just for mental clarity, but your mind just won’t stop running?


Maybe instead of unwinding you…


…get distracted by something you just remembered you wanted to do

…decide to call a friend

…check your email (a few times…)


Or, you just sit and try to get centered, but still end up feeling restless.




Well, there’s an interesting subconscious factor that can keep you from truly getting quiet. I talk about it a bit in the video.


The meditation will help you let go factors that keep you distracted or sabotage your efforts at mindfulness and meditation.


And it gives you a fun visualization you can return to whenever you want to get still inside.


This makes it easier to be mindful so you can…

…sit for meditation

…have more access to your inner wisdom

…listen to any messages from your body

…deeply relax

Have fun following along with this mindfulness meditation! It will help you unwind into stillness.


As always, be sure to take deep breaths and tap along : )



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