Meditation to increase self love: a self-love celebration!

Here’s one great thing I’ve learned from my new kittens: you deserve love just for being you.

They live a comfortable life, do exactly what they want in every moment, don’t especially go out of their way to please anyone… and we totally love them.

increase self-love

They never stop to wonder: “Who am I to deserve such love?” They’re showered with love, affection, food and attention, and they just happily soak it in, purr, nap, and occasionally destroy furniture.

During the month of Valentines day, I like to harness the love-momentum and turn the focus inward for a moment, to increase self love and self-acceptance.


So, I’ve made you a BodyTalk meditation to help you clear out any emotions, fears, or beliefs that keep you from sinking into a sense of peace and self-love.

And beyond benefiting yourself and your health (self-love is key for immune system strength, and overall health), increasing your levels of self-love also opens you up to love others more deeply.

Be sure to follow along with this meditation to increase self love:

I hope you enjoy the meditation. In the end, fighting your own essence in an effort to please others is a waste of energy. 

Next lesson from kittens I hope to internalize: take more naps.

increase self-love

Have a beautiful day!

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