Meditation to increase self love: a self-love celebration!

Here’s one great thing I’ve learned from my new kittens: you deserve love just for being you.

They live a comfortable life, do exactly what they want in every moment, go insane once in a while, and don’t go out of their way to please anyone. And we think they’re great!

increase self-love

They never stop to wonder: “Who am I to deserve such love?” Nope, they’re showered with love, affection, food and attention, and they just happily soak it in, purr, nap, and destroy everything we own.

During the month of Valentines day, I like to harness the love-momentum and turn the focus inward for a moment, to increase self love and self-acceptance.


So, I’ve made you a BodyTalk meditation to help you clear out any emotions, fears, or beliefs that are keeping you from sinking into a sense of peace and self-love.

And beyond benefiting ourselves and our health (self-love is key for immune system strength, and overall health), increasing our levels of self-love also opens us up to love others more deeply.

Be sure to follow along with this meditation to increase self love:

I hope you enjoy the meditation, and that we all ascend to the self-love levels of kittens ASAP! Fighting our own essence in an effort to please others is such a waste of time and energy. 

Next lesson from kittens I hope to internalize: naps are awesome and totally acceptable at any time of day.

increase self-love

Have a beautiful day!

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