How to Take Deeper Breaths

Today’s meditation will lead you through how to take deeper breaths.


Ideally, when you breathe in and out, your entire body wants to gently expand, flow, and release and relax with the breath.

How to take deeper breaths

Stress, habits of posture, and the impact of old experiences can affect your ability to take these deep, full, cleansing breaths.


Some common places you might notice your breath is restricted are: your belly, your diaphragm, your chest, and your shoulders.


Follow along with today’s meditation to take stock of where your breath cycle is now, and to gently open into taking deeper, fuller, more relaxing breaths.


In today’s video you’ll check in with your breath cycle and let go of…

… stuck emotions

… subconscious fears

… old experiences

Hope you enjoy it!


Make sure to check in with your breath before and after the meditation to see what changes!

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