How to Process Fully (and not get stuck)

How have you been feeling recently?


I know for many people, there’s a lot going on right now; whether it’s personally, in your community, or in the world.


And when there’s a lot going on, it can be really easy to feel overwhelmed and stay a bit distracted.


how to process


Today’s video is an invitation to check in with yourself, and to make sure you allow yourself to process how you’re feeling.


Fall provides a wonderful opportunity to make sure you’re in touch with yourself.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine it’s associated with your Lungs, the metal element, and grief. (Maybe you’ve noticed that grief in particular has been trying to get your attention recently…)


Even though certain emotions can be difficult to go through, letting them flow though you is the only way to make sure they can do good work for you instead of getting stuck in your body.


As one of my favorite contemporary poets said:


running away from an emotion. is a sure way to carry it with you.”

~ nayyirah waheed


Today’s meditation will help you support your body’s ability to gently move through emotion so you can remind your body how to process fully and feel lighter, clearer, and more in touch with yourself.


Make sure to take deep breaths : )

To continue to allow your breath to help you feel cleansed and clear, here is a deep breathing meditation, and here is a guided meditation to help you take a moment of stillness when you need one. 


P.S. If you find that you feel overwhelmed by feelings that come up when you start to let them flow, and you think you might benefit from talking to a professional, here is a national resource center to help with finding local therapists. Toll free hotline: 1(855) 399-7905


And of course, you can also explore whether One-On-One BodyTalk sessions with me would benefit you. 

stay balanced over the holidays




  1. Karen Wklos says:

    What do I do when I cant stop crying?

    • Hi Karen, I would say make sure to continue to really breathe deeply and allow yourself to take breaks. It doesn’t have to be all at once if that is too much. Visualize the grief leaving your body, you can watch it flowing down and out into the earth like a river. Continue to take deep breaths, and let yourself take breaks from the grief. Set the intention that you process gently.

      Another way to help your emotions process is to start a daily journal, writing out what you are feeling as it comes up, giving your emotions another pathway to be released.

      If you find that you need more help with what is coming up, I’ve added some info on how to find professional help through therapy and counseling. If you are not in the US and would like to explore this option, I would recommend searching the internet for a national mental health hotline for your country.

      Overall, deep breaths, and being very gentle with yourself.

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