How to Help Your Body Recover From Stress

Stress is something we all have to deal with. Whether it’s from day-to-day-situations, or left-over patterns from trauma or difficult experiences in childhood, stress is a part of life. 

On the plus side, stress is really only a problem when it sticks around. Stress we feel temporarily that helps us make changes and move on isn’t so bad.

It’s the stress that lingers in our bodies and minds that can cause havoc in our systems.

recover from stress

There are lots of ways to deal with and manage stress, to keep yourself in healthy balance. I’m sure you already have some great, de-stressing techniques you use to get yourself back to a state of calm.

Things like:

These are all wonderful ways to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed and temporarily sooth your body and nervous system.

Ideally though, to really recover from stress, it’s important to address it at the root.

By that I mean from the inside out, working with your body to release the patterns so you don’t have to constantly manage your stress levels with external aids.

And that’s what I really appreciate about BodyTalk. It helps you work with your body to turn patterns inside out so you don’t always have to deal with the same issues.

I made you this meditation to help you begin to deeply release stress patterns from your body and nervous system.

Follow along to help your systems release stored stress and create a new baseline of calm for your body and mind. 

And below the video, you’ll find an invitation to go deeper….

If you want to go deeper to discover and release the issues specifically causing your stress, I invite you to get in touch with me to set up a FREE BodyTalk Consultation. Just click this link to set up a FREE appointment and see what personal sessions are like.

While this post’s meditation is based in BodyTalk, One-On-One sessions are a bit different. The biggest difference is that One-On-One sessions are 100% tailored to your body and your unique situation.

In a session, I tune in to your body and ask what systems, cells, organs, chakras, etc need more balance.

We follow your body’s lead to help you gently and powerfully get to your next level of physical, mental and emotional health.

If you want to learn more, I look forward to hearing from you!

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