How to (Continue to) Embrace Change

Change and growth can be hard, especially when part of us is resistant to it.


Even when we really WANT to embrace change, it can feel easier or safer to just let things be the same and familiar.


choose change


This last month has been a huge time of change for many people. Have you felt that in your life?


And, instead of resting on our laurels, we have the opportunity to keep up the momentum!


Today’s meditation will help you continue to choose change, to grow and transform, and to allow this to be as gentle and supported (and exciting!) as possible.


The video will help you…

…get your body on board to continue to heal and grow

…release fears around change

…choose to embody the most authentic version of yourself


Tap along with this guided meditation to continue to embrace change and deepen into who you really are:



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  1. It is truly a time of great change and upheaval. The energy shifts are magnified and vey apparent.
    I could not sleep for 3 weeks. It was so painful and I could use all the stored up energy.
    So, I finally crashed with a high fever and profusely sweating.

    Your message brings me encouragement.
    I thank You for your gift of true Heart Love…


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