Heart Chakra Meditation: How to Stay in Your Heart

Being in your heart is the only way to truly be present.

In addition to being your seat of wisdom, love, and acceptance, your heart is the center of your awareness. When we’re not present in the heart, we’re not fully present in our lives.

heart chakra


That said, being in the heart can be difficult. Especially if there’s grief or pain there. Maybe we’ve closed the heart because we’ve felt rejected, betrayed, or abandoned. Maybe we think staying closed is the best way to protect ourselves…

But, staying open and connected to your heart is the only way to be healthy and to avoid letting the hardships of life throw you out of alignment with yourself.

You’ll see in the meditation below that we spend some time clearing the fear of being hurt. But, what we’re also working with here is just the fear of pain: old or new.

The only way to move through these feelings, and tune into the joy of the heart, is to be there with it, and stay in the heart space. Otherwise we just tighten around the pain and hold onto it.  

So, today’s short video meditation will help you begin the practice of staying in the heart, through working with the heart chakra. 

heart chakra

As you move into your heart, if you find the experience painful, just keep breathing deeply, letting the feelings move through you.

As you know, deciding to stay in the heart is a practice.

Let’s start together today.

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  1. meredith miller says:

    I love all your heart focus meditations. Thank you. Much love to u. Meredith

  2. I needed this today, but I definitely still feel a tightness, an unwillingness, if you will. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Sarah, I’m SO sorry I didn’t see your comment sooner. (not sure how that happened… :/)

      I’d say that when you feel tightness or unwillingness, this is usually a sign that this is an area that will be fruitful for you to work with. Another word I would use for it is “resistance.” Resistance usually comes up for me when I’m about to do some REALLY deep work. It’s such a common thing at this point, that I actually use it to help me choose what healers to see or meditations to do! If I feel it strongly, I know it’s going to be the right thing for me. Even though it’s uncomfortable, I’ve come to appreciate it for that reason (and it even makes me laugh a little).

      That said, I’d say that it might be useful to do some of the other heart-focused meditations on the site to ease yourself into it. And most of all, just treat yourself really gently. If this is a tender area for you (as it is for many of us), go slowly, breathe deeply, and only do what feels safe and comfortable.

      Please let me know if this answered your question.

      And I apologize again for how late this response is!

      With love,

  3. Thank you so much! This was wonderful and so helpful! 🙂

  4. Thank you, Amberlee. Tuned in today, Christmas Eve and feel steadied and ready for the day ahead.

  5. Thank you, Amberlee, this is a very helpful technique, especially after performing the cortices. I really appreciate your reflections on resistance, too. For me, there’s the period where I’m not sure if I’m about to ‘up level’ or backslide and often I feel great resistance or stuckness in the process. It happens right before a period of deep work, like you mentioned, and sometimes as I’m completing a big transition or deep phase of work. I appreciate the invitation to return to/stay in the heart through out it all. xoxo

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