Free Audio Meditation: Heal Yourself Deeply 

Do you want to develop a deeper connection with your body?

By focusing healing attention on your body, you can begin to let go of physical and emotional pain, learn to listen to the messages your body is sending you, and start on a path to lasting health.

I made you a free meditation to help you get started on this path today.

This FREE audio meditation will help you…

…let go of frustration, anxiety, and stress about your health.

…begin to heal deeply from the inside out.

…look at your body with more compassion and acceptance.

The meditation draws on my background as an Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner. 

 It leads you through a series of healing visualizations to bring you deeper into yourself to support and heal your body and mind.

Here’s a reflection of people’s experience:

“This helped me start to gently unravel the knot of anxiety in my chest.” 

~R.G, California

“I love how peaceful I feel at the end of the meditation. I go back to it often during moments of pain or stress”

~A.H. Florida

"The meditation helped me let go of the stress I carry in my shoulders. I loved it and use it regularly. Thank you!"

~April M, California

It’s time to give your body and mind some love! I hope you enjoy following along : )

Free "Heal Yourself Deeply" Audio Meditation