Declutter your Body and Mind

When I got back from traveling this January, I realized I needed to make some changes to my living situation…


My house was a serious mess! There’s something about leaving and coming back that makes you notice these things…


declutter your body and mind


SO, I started a week-long (still ongoing) decluttering project. I’ve been re-arranging, sweeping, giving things away, clearing old stuff out of the refrigerator, just really going over every inch of the house and making it feel new.


And in the process, I’ve noticed that decluttering feels SO good. Sweeping out the cobwebs and clearing your physical space can also give you so much mental space. I highly recommend spending a moment this week clearing out some aspect of your space, even if it’s just one corner of your kitchen counter, and see how that feels : )


And on that note, let’s take a moment to directly declutter your body and mind too!


I recorded a very simple exercise you can do to help your body and mind feel lighter and clearer. Once you know the 2 steps, you can do it in less than a minute.


Use this simple exercise anytime you need to declutter your thoughts, de-stress, and release tension in your body.


Follow along here to declutter your body and mind : )



And here is an image you can download (or add to your Pinterest) to help you really embody this affirmation. 

(Sometimes the simplest of statements can be the most revolutionary <3)


declutter your body and mind


Lots of love, and I hope your New Year is going great! If you liked this meditation, you’s also enjoy this simple brain balancing technique and this meditation on self-love



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