Crown Chakra- peace, belonging, support

Would you like to experience a deeper sense of peace?

The 7th or “crown” chakra is located at the top of your head, and represents your connection to the universe/ god/ spirit/ the divine.

crown chakra

While things may always be chaotic on a certain level in life, the influence of the crown chakra helps us tap into the peace that comes from experiencing the underlying connection and unity of existence.

When your 7th chakra is unbalanced it can lead to a sense of confusion, feeling lost, a general lack of inspiration, depression and chronic exhaustion, as well as troubled sleep patterns and stress (as it’s associated with the pineal gland and central nervous system).

Here are three simple ways you can balance your crown chakra to experience a greater sense of peace daily:

1.Change your story

Below, you’ll find some affirmations that’ll help you turn around any self-sabotaging stories that block your peaceful crown chakra energy. Even if you see yourself as a generally positive person, your subconscious may be hiding thoughts and ideas that get in the way of your efforts at serenity.

Affirmations work on this subconscious level. You don’t have to fully believe them when you first start working with them, just repeat them and trust that they’re sinking under the surface and helping you reach a deeper sense of peace.

Choose any phrase from the list below that feels right, or that feels awful or makes you angry -If it feels uncomfortable, that’s a good sign that it’ll be helpful ; ) Repeat this phrase at least 10 times, allowing the feeling of the words to sink in. Continue this practice for a few days.

I embody my deepest knowing

I am at peace

I am complete

I am light and loveviolet flower

I am in harmony with life

I trust my inner wisdom

Everything is as it should be

I am connected to all that is

2. Uniting Earth and Sky- meditation

Because you don’t want to float off into space when you work on the crown chakra, it can also be helpful to focus on the root chakra at the same time. That way, you can feel connected to the earth and supported by the universe all at once.

This simple meditation provides an easy way to do that, leaving you grounded and inspired. You could either do this outside, or just imagine that you’re outside.

earth-and-sky-meditationStand with your feet on the ground. Feel your connection with the earth. Imagine roots growing down from your feet, deep into the earth, all the way to the core. Feel the earth’s energy coming up through your roots, through your feet and flowing all the way up your body to your head. Take a few deep breaths enjoying this connection.

Now, allow the bright clear light of the sun and sky to flow down through the top of your head, into your body. Allow it to flood your head with light, and begin flowing down through the neck, chest, arms, trunk, legs, and finally, out through your feet. Take some deep breaths. Relax into this sense of being fully supported by the sky and the earth.

You can do an abbreviated version of this at any moment if you’d like to feel the soothing energy of the earth and the universe in your body when the world seems like a chaotic place…

…Bring earth energy up the body as you breathe in, bring crown energy down through the body as you breathe out…

3.Where blood goes energy flows

Another way to open the crown is to do a bit of yoga that encourages blood flow to the head.

If you’re a practiced yogini and you’re feeling up for it, you could do a headstand or handstand.


Or, just putting your legs up the wall will do the trick.

Increasing blood flow to the head increases the energy circulating there, enlivening the crown chakra. (And this invigorates the brain, too. Upping the blood flow to the head is great for clarity and memory).

Have fun! (and be safe!)


I hope you enjoyed these ideas on how to balance the crown chakra. Now, I’d love to hear from you. What do you do when you need to invite a deeper sense of peace into your life?


  1. I really agree on your tips. As a spiritual mentor and an all-time-spiritual-seeker I feel the importance of making your 7th Chakra connection stronger, clearer, lighter… 🙂 One exercise that I practice often is to visualize inhaling and exhaling through my Crown chakra. After 10 deep breaths I feel calmed and relieved.

  2. Elaine Flanders says:

    Hey Amberlee: I loved reading the first suggestion, which was to change your story. I am body smiling all over as I just finished reading a book by Jonathan Gottschall called THE STORY TELLING ANIMAL: How Stories Make Us Human.

    It was so interesting to read in his book that most of the stories we tell ourselves are about troubles and conflicts and when we repeat a story often enough it solidifies into a reality. Changing our story can change our experience. I am so delighted that you do these presentations and send them out to your clients. They are of great value and although I will not be doing a hand-stand on the beach, I am did feel a wonderful sense of connection with my surroundings when I did the grounding meditation.

    Also, in reference to changing a story I have been working on a personal Mission Statement for my journey through elder hood. So far, this is my favorite, “LIFE CREATES MY USEFULNESS AND I HAVE GREAT FUN PARTICIPATING!” It means I am enough. I absolutely adore you??
    Much love, Elaine Flanders

    • Hi Elaine! What a great mission statement! And so glad you’re having so much fun. It’s interesting how the stories we tell ourselves create our realities. I have a friend whose personal mantra is “drop the story” whenever she finds herself getting worked up over something.

      I adore YOU! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, I always love hearing from you : )

  3. Amberlee, this makes perfect sense! Your timing is perfect. I think this is the most important work I can do to prepare for the weeks ahead. I can’t do handstands but Nia seems to produce the same effect.

    Thanks for this, xo

    • Hi Annette, I’m glad you enjoyed the post : ) I wish you all the tranquility and peace you need as you continue to dive into and share your awesome projects.

      I had never heard of Nia. How cool! Thanks for introducing me to a new technique. (and as for handstands, elevating the legs up the wall or on a couch is just as good for increasing blood flow to the head ; )

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