Crown Chakra Meditation: connection, ease, trust…

When your crown chakra is in balance, it tunes you into the sense of ease and flow that comes from having support and connection.

crown chakra meditation


Just as your root chakra puts you in touch with the energy of the earth, your crown chakra connects you with the energy of the universe/ the divine/ the infinite.

Accessing this connection can take a lot of weight off your shoulders. (Literally! See meditation below : )


crown chakra meditation


For our meditation today, here is a reminder of the position of the Crown Chakra. It’s traditionally imagined as being just above the top of your head. It’s often described as a violet or incandescent color. Here’s the relative position with crown and heart chakras shown a bit bigger for emphasis : )



Today’s video leads you through a guided crown chakra meditation to help you access this sense of connection. It will help you let go of emotions that impact your ability to experience the energy of your crown, release fears around surrendering into a sense of trust, and anchor into the stability of your heart.


Follow along to:

…relax your mind

…access a sense of support

…ease tension in your body


Make sure you follow along (breathing and tapping!) to benefit from this crown chakra meditation:


If you enjoy this guided mediation, you may also like this meditation on the heart chakra, or this one with more info on the crown chakra. 

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