heart connection session

I’m really excited to announce an upcoming Online Group BodyTalk Session! The theme will be: HEART CONNECTION! We’ll focus on healing the physical heart, as well as on clearing the emotional and energetic heart. The session will make it easier… read more

The Truth About Tension (and what you can do about it)

Your body is an intricate collection of cells, organs, systems, and energies working in harmony. And each and every part of you is connected. Literally. You have a system of connective tissue called fascia that runs throughout your entire body, gently… read more

How Emotions Affect Your Body: a guided exploration

I’m sure you’ve heard that emotions affect your body. But even if you know that, when’s the last time you really FELT it? Sometimes things we “know” can be abstract, unless we’re reminded in a way that makes it all… read more

Strengthen your Knees: strong knees=more ease

Your knees do a lot for you. They’re flexible enough to help you move and sturdy enough to hold you up. They support you and get you where you’re going. Today’s video will lead you through a healing BodyTalk meditation… read more

Lessons from childhood (a 3-step exercise to re-learn from your younger self)

Do you remember what you were like as a child?  What made you happy? What did you love to do? Think for a moment about your favorite memories of yourself. Did you twirl around in a tutu? Dress up as a… read more

How to be an expert, and at what: lessons from a soccer game

I’ve been watching some of the World Cup Games recently. I’m not usually a sports fan, but something about the finesse and artistry of soccer captivates me. During the last game I watched, I found myself thinking a lot about… read more

Take a break from the shoulds…

When was the last time you had a chance to focus on something that really fed you; something that helped you remember who you are, and what life is all about? It’s easy to get so caught up in everything we… read more

Handy-Dandy Self Love Tips Database

As the final official self-love post of February, I thought it’d be fun to compile a Master List of ways to keep the self-love flowing. This way, even though we’ll be moving on to other topics, you can always come… read more

Heal subconscious blocks to self love: guided meditation

When I first declared February a month of self-love, I thought it’d be a fun way to turn some of this season’s love-enthusiasm inwards, giving us an excuse to take extra good care of ourselves. And focusing on self-love is… read more

Free Group Session!

The registration for this session has closed. But don’t worry! I’ll do more sessions like this in the future. Be sure to get on the mailing list to be the first to know when I post a free bodytalk session… read more