Crown Chakra Meditation: connection, ease, trust…

When your crown chakra is in balance, it tunes you into the sense of ease and flow that comes from having support and connection.   Just as your root chakra puts you in touch with the energy of the earth, your… read more

Throat Chakra Meditation

Today, we’re focusing on your throat chakra!    Your throat chakra is impacted by how comfortable you feel expressing yourself, speaking up, and speaking from the heart. It’s also closely associated with your thyroid health.   Any beliefs or experiences we… read more

Heart Chakra Meditation: How to Stay in Your Heart

Being in your heart is the only way to truly be present. In addition to being your seat of wisdom, love, and acceptance, your heart is the center of your awareness. When we’re not present in the heart, we’re not fully present… read more

Boost Your Self-Confidence Easily: Solar Plexus Meditation

Did you know that your posture can impact your self-confidence? (and vice-versa)? The way you hold yourself and your body affects the way you feel about yourself. Today, I’ll lead you through a way to work with your solar plexus… read more

Sacral chakra meditation

How’s your sacral chakra doing today? Are you feeling as vibrant, creative, tuned in, and turned on as possible? Are your hips and pelvis feeling loose and free? Chances are, there’s some room for improvement, no? These days, it seems… read more

Root chakra healing: guided meditation

Tuning in to the root chakra is one of the fastest ways to feel grounded, safe, supported, and relaxed. In times of change, uncertainty, or upheaval, working with the root chakra is a great way to stay present, calm, and… read more

Crown Chakra- peace, belonging, support

Would you like to experience a deeper sense of peace? The 7th or “crown” chakra is located at the top of your head, and represents your connection to the universe/ god/ spirit/ the divine. While things may always be chaotic on… read more

Brow chakra: clarity, insight, intuition

Have you ever struggled to know what you should do next in life, felt confused, or had trouble envisioning your future?  Working with the 6th chakra, also known as the brow chakra or third eye, can give you easier access to… read more

Throat Chakra: free your self-expression

The 5th, or “throat” chakra represents our ability to effortlessly be ourselves and to communicate clearly. Instances throughout our lives when we were told to sit still, behave, or keep quiet will show up as blockages in this area. So will… read more

heart chakra: love, awareness, balance

The heart chakra represents our awareness and presence. It’s the center of our capacity for unconditional love, and it deeply balances the conflicting aspects of our being: self and environment, body and spirit, yin and yang. Physically, its associated with… read more