Brow chakra: clarity, insight, intuition

Have you ever struggled to know what you should do next in life, felt confused, or had trouble envisioning your future?  Working with the 6th chakra, also known as the brow chakra or third eye, can give you easier access to your inner guidance and clarity.

third eye chakra

The brow chakra reflects our ability to integrate all our sensory information into deep insight. It allows us to perceive clearly, and get in touch with our intuitive nature.

It’s also closely associated with the pituitary gland, which coordinates and integrates the endocrine system, and with the brain and nervous system.

An off-balance third eye chakra can cause confusion, clouded thinking, and lack of clarity.

On the physical level this can show up as tension in the face and brow, headaches, eye problems, and hormonal and nervous system imbalances. 

Below, you’ll find three fun ways to work with the 6th chakra to gain deeper access to your own inner voice and inner guidance. This work will make it easier to make decisions without fear, and to see the world as it really is.

1. Affirmations

If you’re familiar with my chakra posts, you’ll know that affirmations help us change our inner dialogue, turning around any self-sabotaging ideas our subconscious mind is feeding us.

Even if we feel we’re seeing things clearly, under the surface we may believe: “I never get it right” or “I need someone else to guide me.” This blocks our natural ability to tune into and trust our intuition (and yes, I mean you here. YOU are naturally intuitive. I promise it’s true.)

Here are a few affirmations to help you deeply access your inner guidance. I recommend choosing one or two and repeating them 10 times a day for the next few days. See how it feels to begin to trust yourself more fully.

buddhas third eyeI see through to the truth of things

I access my inner wisdom easily

I listen to my deepest guidance

I live my life with clarity and insight

I am tuned into universal wisdom

I am guided in all moments

I am intuitive and wise

I love my mind

I make decisions that are good for me

I can manifest my vision

I trust myself

2. Visualization-clear the gunk out of your eyes

This exercise offers a visual metaphor to powerfully cleanse and clear the brow chakra, helping to improve clarity and insight while releasing any old experiences that made you distrust your intuitive nature.  

Take a few deep breaths. Allow a grounding cord to drop from the base of your spine, down into the core of the earth. As you breathe in and out, allow any tension in your body to drop effortlessly out of your body, down this cord. 

order of chakras

relative position of chakras

Bring your attention to your brow, slightly above and between your eyes. Invite the energy of  the breath to this area, feeling for tension in the forehead and face. Allow the breath to soften any tension, releasing it down the grounding cord. 

As you breathe deeply, begin to see a vibrant purple light circling around and within the brow, softly rotating in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. This is your brow chakra. 

Take a good look at this chakra with your inner eye. Is it symmetrical in shape? Is it uniform in color? If you see any dark or uneven areas, imagine an even brighter, clearer purple light shining through your brow to the back of your head; alternate the flow of this light from front to back, and back to front, clearing out any blocks.

As this bright purple light cleanses your brow chakra, see a column of white light flowing down from the sky. Allow it to enter through the top of your head, down throughout your body, to your toes, and down into the earth. Allow any darkness or discomfort from the third eye to be washed down into the ground with this light.

If you’re still feeling some tension in the brow, begin to lightly brush the brow with your hand, inviting the tension to ease, while your purple sphere of light rotates comfortably. If you like, you could chant the vedic word “Om” to clear the third eye, the same sound you may be familiar with from yoga class. Continue with this until you feel complete. 

3. Window-washing

windowAnd this time I mean it literally!

It may seem silly, but cleaning the inside and outside of all the windows of your home is a kind of meditation that can help you support and develop inner clarity. (And I hear it’s also good feng shui. )

To do this, just go around your home, and clean each window until it’s clear and easy to see through.

To solidify your intention, you could focus on an affirmation from above while you go about it: “I am intuitive and wise. I trust myself…”

Don’t knock it til you try it! And either way, you’ll have clean windows ; )

For an eco and health-friendly version,  you could use a white vinegar/ water mixture for a window-cleaner. In any case, have fun!


As you play with some of these third eye ideas, begin to notice if you have an easier time making decisions, or having a clear picture of your own situation. Perhaps you’ll have helpful dreams, or a solution to a current problem will jump to mind. Knowing who to trust may become easier, as well as who you can see right through.

purple lotus

What did you find most useful? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. C. Hardy says:

    Fantastic post.
    Enjoyed cleaning the windows and the affirmations!
    Thought-provoking and helpful!

  2. Oh, exactly what I needed today. Thank you!

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