Thank you to everyone who submitted bodytalk testimonials. It was a true pleasure to work with each of you, and I’m so grateful to have met such wonderful people.

tedra testimonial photoBodyTalk is so relaxing, non-invasive and natural. I’m amazed at what can be accessed through my system. It helped me balance emotions and release past trauma and stagnant energy.

I would definitely recommend BodyTalk for its natural, non-invasive approach and because I experienced healing on deep levels. I found BodyTalk to be profound and effective, and found Amberlee to be a very gentle and compassionate practitioner.

—Tedra Baymiller, reiki practitioner and crystal healing therapist

Kendra (1)Amberlee is brilliant and centered. She has a natural gift for finding Health. Over the course of three sessions, her treatments introduced me to a deep ‘interconnectedness’ that initiated an unexpected positive shift in my life.

My self-care routine has become enjoyable and stress is essentially non-existent for me now. Amberlee has helped me discover a life of ease.

—Kendra Neff

Before working with Amberlee, I had never experienced a BodyTalk session and really knew nothing about the modality. A friend recommend that I try it and I was looking forward to whatever the experience would bring.

Since the session, I’ve noticed myself thinking about what we discussed and how very accurate and on-point Amberlee was.

I really enjoyed the cortices exercise and we worked on a solar plexus release that really resonated with me.

It felt like a warm hug from a dear old friend. I really enjoyed it. What a relaxing and peaceful experience.

—Shelly Stone, Boulder, CO

bodytalk testimonialsIn just three sessions, Amberlee’s sensitive, powerful work cut through to a number of unhelpful (and very stuck) memories and beliefs that were seriously impacting my health and energy. I feel that we allowed my body to let go of things that were “not me,” so more of “me” (healthy, happy, and flowing) could come forward in life.

I’ve noticed a greater physical and emotional freedom; reduced pain; and increased creativity, joy and calm.

I really love how gentle, easy and effective the sessions are. No need for years of expensive treatment or discomfort!

BodyTalk seems to go right to the source of issues, allowing the body to simply release them and replace them with positive energy. And, BodyTalk distance sessions are just as powerful as in-person sessions! It’s great.

I would highly recommend BodyTalk with Amberlee;”

— Kelly in Texas

lauren-d-testimonialI saw Amberlee towards the end of my pregnancy. Having a BodyTalk Session with Amberlee allowed me to feel confident and empowered going into labor. There is a lot of emphasis placed on physical and mental health when you’re pregnant.

As my due date approached, I felt a need to ask a deeper part of myself if I was ready for birth. I didn’t want to be in the middle of my son’s birth and encounter previously unnoticed feelings or emotions that needed to be dealt with for his birth to finish peacefully. You are completely open when your give birth and no “doors” can be “closed.”

BodyTalk allowed me to make sure my mind and body were open and clear, ready for my journey. During my session I felt and saw emotions and images that led me through my labor.

Pregnancy brings about a combination of unexplainable feelings, physical and emotional. I would recommend BodyTalk to any expecting mother looking for a deeper way to prepare for birth.

~Lauren Davieau, CA

—Tristan, www.integral-health-guide.com, Boulder, CO

My BodyTalk sessions with Amberlee, both at a distance and in person, were powerful experiences of healing, transformation, and renewal. It was clear from our sessions that Amberlee was able to access and remove deep layers of energetic and physical blocks in my body and help reveal my true power and vibrancy.

I highly recommend Amberlee’s services to anyone ready for an empowering shift in their life.

—Tristan, www.integral-health-guide.com, Boulder, CO

bodytalk testimonialsI’ve had a complete turn around! I have more energy and I’m much much happier. My stress doesn’t last as long as it would before. Physically, the reproductive issues I was having are not bothering me at all anymore.

During a session, I feel very nurtured and comforted. It’s also exciting to sit and listen afterword to what work was done. I love to hear what kind of secrets my body was holding. It’s been a wonderful experience.

—R.N. Arcata, CA

—Debbie Ra, Hypnotherapist, www.debbiera.com, Arcata, Ca

Amberlee is a delight to work with. She is calm, grounded, loving and very present. She offers Body Talk therapy in a way that is profoundly gentle and relaxing and yet quite powerful.

Amberlee has helped me with a variety of different issues including body pain, family trauma and anxiety. Amberlee’s work has made a vast improvement in my health and well-being. I am deeply grateful for Amberlee and the wonderful work she offers.

—Debbie Ra, Hypnotherapist, www.debbiera.com, Arcata, Ca

Michele-headshotBefore meeting Amberlee, I experienced a nagging pain in my upper right back. It made working and sitting uncomfortable. Honestly, it was awful.

During my session with Amberlee, I literally felt her energy focusing on my body even though we were on opposite sides of the country. After one 60 min session, the back pain completely disappeared. As if by magic! Amberlee has a gift and you need to call her!

—Michele Santo, Copywriter, www.michelesanto.com, Aberdeen NJ

no-photo-testimonialI’ve suffered from severe seasonal and environmental allergies for most of my life. At times the symptoms were so severe that I could not leave the house.

Last spring when my seasonal allergies were becoming severe I saw Amberlee for one session focused on my allergies, and my symptoms were gone. I even stopped taking the over the counter allergy medicine that I had used to reduce my symptoms.

—Adam Hall, Willow Creek, Ca

Testimonial-pic-peterAmberlee’s BodyTalk sessions are often clarifying experiences. They have the unique quality of helping me listen to what my own body has been saying to me for some time. When she starts tuning into my body, I start tuning into my body. On one hand, Amberlee’s sessions are calm and restful, while on the other, they offer moments of emotional movement and revelation.

Her sessions uncover emotions and memories that have not only been affecting my mind, but also my body. The sessions provide release in the body and spirit where I didn’t even realize I’d needed it. I especially like the “tapping out”, which has a powerful grounding quality.


no-photo-testimonialMy husband’s back-pain is gone. After one session, he went from not being able to tie his shoes to wanting to run marathons!”

—D.P, California

flowerIn my first BodyTalk session with Amberlee, I was truly amazed: she identified to the letter what I was trying to clear, (but was not fully aware of). I felt at ease with her gentle and compassionate heart,and her work was thorough and profound.

Now that I know that I can expect this level of excellence from Amberlee, I’m not surprised, but always delighted by her exceptionally deep healing work. She holds space in such a safe, nurturing way, my body always lets go of subconscious misunderstandings in Amberlee’s sessions, and I feel hugely relieved afterwards.

—Rebecca Owen, Personal Evolution Coach