How to Help your Body Detox Itself

On Wednesday, I talked bit about the best way to truly cleanse your body time of year. I went over why diet alone can’t get at the underlying factors that need to be balanced in order to feel healthy and… read more

FREE Spring Clean Your Body, Mind, and Spirit Session!

As the Earth starts to bloom in the Spring, we want to feel vibrant, energized, and in flow. But often instead, we notice we’re feeling a bit sluggish, heavy, and stuck. And maybe even a little irritable. At this point,… read more

How to Reset your Relationship to Sugar with Ease (+ Special Offer!)

In the Spring, I always feel called to do a bit of a cleanse… All of a sudden I feel a bit sluggish and bogged down, and my skin starts to feel kind of hot. This lines up with it being… read more

Hip Pain Healing: Feel Stable in your Body and Life

How do your hips feel today? Strong and supportive? Or do you have a bit of hip pain or soreness? How your hips feel can give you a window into how you’re feeling about life! Aside from physically supporting you, your hips represent… read more

How to (quickly) Deepen Your Self-Love

At times it can seem like focusing on self-love is a luxury–something nice you can do when you’ve got extra time and energy. BUT, self-love is actually a VITAL practice. Especially when you’re stressed, overworked, or feel like you don’t… read more

Get Ready For the New Year (by being in the moment now)

As we get closer and closer to the New Year, there’s lots of excitement about new goals and starting fresh.  While it’s wonderful and exciting to look ahead, I’m feeling really called to take a moment to make sure I’m… read more

How to Help Your Body Recover From Stress

Stress is something we all have to deal with. Whether it’s from day-to-day-situations, or left-over patterns from trauma or difficult experiences in childhood, stress is a part of life.  On the plus side, stress is really only a problem when it sticks… read more

Boost Your Self-Confidence Easily: Solar Plexus Meditation

Did you know that your posture can impact your self-confidence? (and vice-versa)? The way you hold yourself and your body affects the way you feel about yourself. Today, I’ll lead you through a way to work with your solar plexus… read more

How to let go of the past

Some days the weight of the past can be really heavy. Thankfully, your body usually does a really good job of processing your experiences and releasing the things that don’t serve you. Your lungs, and diaphragm in particular help you take… read more

Take a deep breath…

You know how sometimes it’s hard to take a really deep breath? I mean a REALLY deep breath, where your lungs effortlessly swell to fullness and then gently release all the way out. Maybe it’s harder when you’re feeling stressed,… read more