How to Calm your Heart

Your heart is the seat of your stillness.   It is the place from which you can access your deepest wisdom.     When your heart is undisturbed, your life can fall into a natural flow.   In TCM (Traditional… read more

Tapping for Relaxation

When you’re stressed out, your nervous system jumps into high gear.   Your sympathetic nervous system preps your body for “fight/flight/ freeze” mode, and your healing, repair, and digestive projects get put on hold until the problem goes away.  … read more

How to Take Deeper Breaths

Today’s meditation will lead you through how to take deeper breaths.   Ideally, when you breathe in and out, your entire body wants to gently expand, flow, and release and relax with the breath. Stress, habits of posture, and the… read more

Crown Chakra Meditation: connection, ease, trust…

When your crown chakra is in balance, it tunes you into the sense of ease and flow that comes from having support and connection.   Just as your root chakra puts you in touch with the energy of the earth, your… read more

How to Improve Your Complexion by Relaxing : )

Have you ever noticed that your face changes when you have certain feelings or experiences?   When you have different emotions, different muscles are triggered and you have different facial expressions.      That might seem obvious!   But, what we’re… read more

How to Quiet your Mind

Can you think of any moments when you had a hard time quieting your mind?   Maybe you were trying to sleep, or trying to do yoga, or just noticing that your mind was racing all day.       When… read more

How to Access Your Intuition (Third Eye Chakra Meditation)

What’s your relationship with your intuition? I feel like it’s common to have moments of shining clarity and insight… …and then also moments of self-doubt and confusion. Or, to have total easy access to insights about some things…. …but constant difficulty… read more

How to feel less fearful and more peaceful

Today’s meditation will help you release any patterns of fear that are stuck in your body.   When in balance, fear can help keep you safe by alerting you to danger and helping you move out of the way.     But, when… read more

How to Step into Gratitude with Ease

  When we’re having a hard time, or in a bad mood, it can be really hard to access gratitude.     And unfortunately, that can make it really hard to get out of a bad mood, or negative thought… read more

Throat Chakra Meditation

Today, we’re focusing on your throat chakra!    Your throat chakra is impacted by how comfortable you feel expressing yourself, speaking up, and speaking from the heart. It’s also closely associated with your thyroid health.   Any beliefs or experiences we… read more