Test Readiness Assessment


  • Clarity on Where to Focus Your Attention 
  • Know Your Strong and Weak Areas
  • Study Efficiently
  • Confidence you Know Everything for the Exams

Deep Modules


  • Refresher on all the Material
  • Information Broken into Managable Pieces
  • Clarity on What's Important to Know
  • Full Test Readiness Assesment

Customized Intensive Tutoring


  • Tutoring on All Modules
  • Information Broken into Managable Pieces
  • Customized Study Plan + Memorization Tools 
  • Full Test Readiness Assesment

* contact me if you have any questions about what package is right for you, or about the process, or to set something up that is custom for your needs. I look forward to working with you! 

“ Amberlee is one of the youngest BT students to take the advanced exams and achieved the highest scores in both exams, (Mods 3/6 and Mods 4/7/9) .   I have found her to be extremely intelligent, caring, patient and dedicated to the Bodytalk system.  I recommend her highly as a private tutor for the exams, especially for the nervous student with test taking phobia!”

Janet Galipo, ADV. Sr. CBI