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How to Calm your Heart

Your heart is the seat of your stillness.   It is the place from which you can access your deepest wisdom.     When your heart is undisturbed, your life can fall into a natural flow.   In TCM (Traditional… read more

tapping for relaxation

Tapping for Relaxation

When you’re stressed out, your nervous system jumps into high gear.   Your sympathetic nervous system preps your body for “fight/flight/ freeze” mode, and your healing, repair, and digestive projects get put on hold until the problem goes away.  … read more

How to take deeper breaths

How to Take Deeper Breaths

Today’s meditation will lead you through how to take deeper breaths.   Ideally, when you breathe in and out, your entire body wants to gently expand, flow, and release and relax with the breath. Stress, habits of posture, and the… read more